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Our Sustainability Message

Our Sustainability Message

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There is no doubt that plastic films and plastic, in general, have come under the severest scrutiny in the last few years.

Plastic has a huge part to play in the circular economy when you consider the protection it offers to food products plus the overall lower carbon footprint properties of plastic films compared to some other ‘eco-friendly’ materials when it comes to the actual production processes of plastic versus its ‘eco-friendly” counterparts.

That said we are fully aware of the need to respect opinions and here at IFP we work with several manufacturers to develop alternatives.


BOPE is a 100% PE based film but extruded in the same way as BOPP (dual orientation) which creates a very strong and mechanically stable material which can be used in place of other plastic films (PET, BOPP, Nylon) to create 100% PE-based laminates and substrates allowing for 100% recyclability.

We also offer materials which have Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin content. This is available in PET, and now coming to the market also PCR BOPP and PE films.

Furthermore, there are resins available which are produced from renewable resources such as recycled cooking oils known as UCO (used cooking oils). We will be pleased to provide further information on availability of these materials.

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Available in clear, matte, white, anti-fog and metalized.

  • One side sealable one side treated

  • Plain non sealable one side treated

  • Plain non sealable two sides treated

  • 100% LDPE based

  • Blends of LDPE/HDPE


Available in clear and performance versions- anti-fog, peelable for lamination and/or lidding.


Contact us for more information


Contact us for more information

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